Lyndon Township Restaurants

Stockbridge Diner

110 E Main St
Stockbridge, MI 49285
(517) 851-7900

Scream's Ice Cream

4045 Patterson Lake Rd
Hell, MI 48169
(734) 878-2233

China Garden

1165 S Main St
Chelsea, MI 48118
(734) 433-9858

Waterloo Pizza and Deli

8400 Clear Lake Rd
Grass Lake, MI 49240
(734) 433-6000

Cleary's Pub

113 S Main St, Chelsea, MI 48118

Cleary's Pub has been a beloved establishment in the Lyndon and Chelsea area since the early 90's. It was begun by siblings and is still a family owned and operated establishment that is simply excellent. They offer a delightful, cozy atmosphere, delightfully great food, friendly service, and it has long been a favorite place in the area for people to come to eat, drink, and just generally sit back and relax. The staff is always extremely friendly and you will have no problem finding something that you really love at Cleary's Pub.

Seitz's Tavern

110 W Middlet St, Chelsea, MI 48118

Seitz's Tavern is a remarkable tavern where you will feel as if you are stepping through time as soon as you step through the threshold. This establishment is truly one of a kind with walls lined with game heads, an antique looking wooden bar that doesn't so much have stools at it as they didn't in the old days. The building has tables that are worn from decades upon decades of supporting a multitude of different glass types and they feature a menu that is wide ranging and classic (including delicious Limburger sandwiches that you will be sure to love.) The self-serve beer cooler will surely please you and completely win you over one hundred percent.


140 S Clinton St
Stockbridge, MI 49285
(517) 851-3810

Medina's Take Out

123 W. Main St
Stockbridge, MI 49285
(517) 851-4088

Pinckney Pub and Grill

10292 Dexter Pinckney Rd
Pinckney, MI 48169
(734) 878-1595

Riverside Pizza

9310 McGregor Rd
Pinckney, MI 48169
(734) 426-0800

Back Street Bar

118 North Center
Stockbridge, MI 49285
(517) 851-9866

Cafe on Main

144 Main St
Gregory, MI 48137
(734) 498-2222

Big Chuck's Pizza Plus

8987 Plum Orchard Rd
Munith, MI 49259
(517) 596-2822

Village Inn

12000 E Michigan Ave
Grass Lake, MI 49240
(517) 522-8280

Hell Hole Diner & Bar

4025 Patterson Lake Rd, Hell, MI 48169

They really don't make them quite like Hell Hole Diner & Bar these days. This establishment is a truly excellent place for you to go to when you are looking to enjoy some of the more edgy members of the community and to really get a feel for the community of Hell, Michigan. They have all sorts of excellent bar food that you will simply love. The bar has a great selection of drinks from amazing beers to delicious wines that you will be sure to simply love one hundred percent. The servers aren't cookie cutter people but they are really down to Earth. Hell Hole Diner & Bar is one of the most unique establishments in the area.

Rob's Pizza

102 N Clinton St, Stockbridge, MI 49285

If you are looking for a place to pick up some truly delicious pizza then you will absolutely love Rob's Pizza on North Clinton Street. If you ask just about anyone in the Lyndon Township area what their favorite place to grab some pizza is they will undoubtedly say "Rob's Pizza." And for good reasons. They really go all out when it comes to crafting a perfect pizza. They make all of their dough fresh every day and they make all of their sauces completely from scratch. All of their ingredients and topics have been locally sourced whenever possible and they go to great lengths to make sure that every single person has a great experience.

Missy's Little Grass Shack

100 E Michigan Ave
Grass Lake, MI 49240
(517) 522-3471

Stockbridge Bowl

900 S Clinton St
Stockbridge, MI 49285
(517) 851-7077

Circle Track Cafe

9004 Plum Orchard Rd
Munith, MI 49259
(517) 596-3100

B-Line Bar & Grill

5960 Pinckney Rd
Howell, MI 48843
(517) 546-9122