Our prices are based on what you exactly need for your party. Give us a call at 734-418-9072 and we are happy to give you a quote based on what you need for one of our great limo buses. We don't have a specific listing of rates available on the site here because there are too many variables that can change the total price of your rental. We do want to make sure that you get exactly what you need for you event and not paying for anything that you don't need. Once we know the time, date, and how long you need the limo bus, we can give you an idea for a quote.

Here are some things that affect total rates:

Size of bus: 8-40 passenger buses

Day of the week: Sunday-Thursday rates are different than Friday/Saturday rates

Time of the day: Day vs Night

Pick up/drop off locations: The total miles from where we pick you up and where you need to be dropped off.

Type of event: Wedding, Bachelor party, etc. (some events might need more planning)


- What type of event is it for (hours and area of travel)? Such as wedding, bachelor party, etc

- What day of the week is the limo bus to be used? (rates vary on Friday/Saturday verses the rest of the week)

- The total length you will need the limo bus

Ready for a quote? Call us at 734-418-9072