While Limo Bus Ann Arbor will help to insure you have an amazing and worry-free night, we do want to make sure you understand that there are rules that needed to be followed at all times. If any rules are broken, we have the right to terminate the trip without a refund. The driver has grounds to remove any person(s) or everyone at an immediate safe location if any of the rules are not followed. We will make sure all the rules are clarified with you at the time of booking, but here's a general listing up front.


1. No smoking on the bus.

2. No illegal drugs allowed.

3. No weapons in the limo bus.

4. No violence is allowed.

5. Please have respect for the driver.

6. Under Michigan State Law, you must be 21+ to consume alcoholic beverages. No alcohol if anyone is under 21 years old.

7. Limo Bus Ann Arbor is not responsible for lost, stolen, or broken items.

8. For your safety, try to stay seated while the limo bus is in motion.

9. If any bodily fluids are in need of clean up, there will be an extra fee.

We will go into detail all the specific policies about cancellations, overtime billing, damage/theft, cleaning charges, bodily fluid clean up, smoking, alcohol, contraband, and other details at time of reservation with a full contract that you are required to sign.